Who I am

Tom Finn

  • Proud Father, Son, Brother, and Grandfather
  • A lifelong Chicago resident that has spent my life serving my family, the public and my peers.
  • I believe strongly in the value of human relationships and strive daily to cultivate positive and honest relationships in both business and my personal life.
  • We've been very fortunate to have been associated with many charitable organizations and would like the chance to give back to the community. If you would like to donate, please feel free to check out the following foundations.

INdustry Experience

  • 35+ years of business ownership with a focus on developing and enhancing both business and personal relationships
  • Deep focus on industrial markets, refining, petrol chemical, pharma, energy production, steel, energy saving technology, food processing, heavy manufacturing, data center construction.
  • 25 years industrial valve sales experience with Joliet Valves Inc, Indiana Michigan Valves, and Midwest Valves Services
  • 28 year career professional firefighter
  • 11 year law enforcement experience